Jeff Bradford
Bradford Technologies

Jeff Bradford is the founder and CEO of Bradford Technologies, the leader in the new field of Computer-Aided Appraising. He has over 26 years of experience providing appraisers with innovative software solutions and is a nationally recognized expert in computer technology and analytics. Four years ago, his company introduced the industry to statistically supported appraisals and a superior reporting format–the Collateral Valuation Report. Today, he is focused on expanding opportunities for appraisers in the valuation space. Most recently, his company introduced the industry to Computer-Aided Appraising technology which eliminates many of the manual, tedious tasks traditionally performed by an appraiser and empowers them with analysis tools to perform a more credible appraisal. One of his goals is to automate data gathering and appraisal form filling for the appraiser.

Prior to founding Bradford Technologies, Mr. Bradford worked at companies such as Apple Computer, Structural Dynamics Research and FMC Central Engineering Labs. He holds three masters degrees. One in Engineering Mechanics, Computer Science and an MBA.