Emerging Issues

The need to identify and address emerging issues is critical in today’s rapidly changing environment. The Emerging Issues Committee will consider all issues identified by CRN members as well as determine critical areas in need of solutions. The committee evaluates the merit of each issue and makes recommendations and a plan of action to the Executive Council and the CRN. Issues that are identified are transferable to another committee if appropriate.

The Education focus will work to further the education of the appraisal community and to ensure that the educational solutions assist to further an appraiser’s career. The Education Committee will work to provide solutions to the current barriers of entry to the appraisal profession.

Chair: Cristy Conolly
Nationwide Appraisal Network

Cristy Conolly is the Senior Vice President of Quality Control & Compliance at Nationwide Appraisal Network (NAN), a national AMC.  She has been with NAN since 2011 where making compliance easier on everyone and understood by all is one of Cristy’s core competencies.  She works closely with NAN’s clients to ensure their appraisal requirements are within industry guidelines and met on every appraisal.  Cristy is a certified residential appraiser and gained the experience for the industry-wide perspective by completing appraisals for wholesale and retail lenders, other AMCs, servicing companies and attorneys in the Philadelphia metro area.

Cristy is also a member of the Florida Real Estate Appraisal Board (FREAB) as appointed by the Governor.

Vice-Chair: Karin Trost
Wells Fargo

Karin Trost is Southeast Division Appraisal Manager and Vice President at Wells Fargo Bank. Karin has 20 years with the bank; beginning as a trainee appraiser. She has spent the last 15 years with a dedicated focus on appraisal leadership, quality, and customer service. She has held many leadership positions throughout her career, with the primary responsibility of leading large teams of staff appraisers. In addition, she has had oversight over teams of contract appraisers which allowed her to improve appraisal quality throughout the industry. She is currently responsible for production, service, and appraisal quality for the Southeast Division which stretches from Maryland to Florida.

Karin is a skilled instructor, and has taught numerous appraisal education courses throughout her career. Her passion for developing and delivering quality training has resulted in her teams consistently performing at the top of their field.

Karin is a Certified Residential Appraiser in Florida, and has review experience throughout the entire Eastern portion of the United States.