Joan Trice, the founder of the CRN in late 2003, established the CRN Council in 2014 to leverage the considerable brain trust of the CRN. The valuation industry leaders have organized efforts to identify issues and develop viable solutions that improve the climate for the appraisal profession and the housing finance system. The CRN Council consists of the CRN Executive Committee and the CRN Committees.


Chair: Joan Trice
Collateral Risk Network


Vice-Chair: Alan Hummel
First American Mortgage Solutions

CRN Executive Council

The Executive Council includes the Executive Chair, designees, the Chairs and Vice Chairs of the CRN Committees. The Executive Council, working with the CRN Committees and CRN Membership, is charged to evaluate and align industry priorities and to develop and implement strategies to effect positive industry, legislative and regulatory change.


The Committees’ mission is to examine aspects of the appraisal system, within their respective areas of responsibility, and to identify solutions that provide guiding principles that sustain the appraisal industry and its benefactors through alignment and transparency.


Chair: Leland Trice


Vice-Chair: George Opelka

Agency Relations

This committee will be a formal liaison between the CRN and Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the VA, USDA and FHA. Many of the challenges within the valuation community can be resolved with open dialogue with these agencies to identify policies that may negatively impact the appraisal community.


Chair: Michael Simmons
AXIS Appraisal Management Solutions


Vice-Chair: Frank Guarnera
Accurate Group

Appraisal Management

The Appraisal Management Committee (AMC) was established to provide an open forum to explore and serve the needs of appraisal professionals, appraisal management companies and their mutual customers. With the knowledge that communication produces the best results, this committee is open to all the different industry stakeholders and participants in the CRN. Through this dialogue the committee will develop industry solutions in support of the valuation industry.


Chair: Paul Chandler
Property Sciences


Vice-Chair: Sam Glusica
U.S. Bank

Best Practices

Identify and establish best practices for appraisal stakeholders and consumers of appraisals. The Best Practices Committee will also develop methods to disseminate the information throughout the housing industry.


Chair: Karin Trost
Wells Fargo


Vice-Chair: Cristy Conolly
Nationwide Appraisal Network

Emerging Issues

The need to identify and address emerging issues is critical in today’s rapidly changing environment.  The Emerging Issues Committee will consider all issues identified by CRN members as well as determine critical areas in need of solutions. Emerging issues includes responding with comment letters to ASC, TAF, AQB, ASB and others as needed.


Chair: Greg Stephens
Metro-West Appraisal Co., LLC


Vice-Chair: Kristine Hughes
Title Source, Inc.

Government Affairs

Monitor a broad range of Federal and State issues that affect the valuation community to ensure legislative and regulatory changes do not threaten the role and responsibility of the valuation industry while ensuring its economic success. The Government Affairs Committee will develop a plan of engagement of how the collective influence of the diverse membership of the CRN can influence positive outcomes for the valuation community.


Chair: Ernie Durbin


Vice-Chair: Penny Reed
Wells Fargo

Industry Relations

The Industry Relations Committee is dedicated to maximizing communications with all stakeholders who interact with the appraisal community. The committee will act as CRN’s ambassador and to identify potential new CRN participants and encourage their membership. It is the mission of CRN to work collaboratively with others in housing finance. This committee will work towards increasing CRN awareness.


Chair: Crispin Bennett
Finance of America Commercial


Vice-Chair: Michael Moran

Lender Committee

The Lender committee has been established to provide a forum for lenders only to explore and serve the needs of lenders within the valuation community.