Appraisal Management

The Appraisal Management Committee (AMC) was established to provide an open forum to explore and serve the needs of appraisal professionals, appraisal management companies and their mutual customers.  With the knowledge that communication produces the best results, this committee is open to all the different industry stakeholders and participants in the CRN. Through this dialogue the committee will develop industry solutions in support of the valuation industry.

Chair: Michael Simmons
AXIS Appraisal Management Solutions

Michael Simmons is a Principal and founding Director of AXIS Appraisal Management Solutions, a national AMC.  His experience as a real estate agent, veteran mortgage banker and mortgage broker gives him a unique lens into helping shape AXIS’ critical commitment to relationship-based and service-oriented appraisal services. As Director and Co-President of AXIS, he’s responsible for helping shape AXIS’ strategic direction. Michael is tasked with leading the development of the firm’s business relationships, attending State and National MBA conventions, CAMP events, CRN and Appraisal conferences and is often called upon to speak at such events.  He currently serves on CMBA’s Sales and Marketing committee and on the Board of Directors for CAMP’s San Francisco and Peninsula Chapter.

Vice Chair: Frank Guarnera
Accurate Group

Frank is the Executive Director of the Appraisal Division at the Accurate Group.  Frank joined the Accurate Group in 2010 to build the industry’s first Appraisal Management and Compliance Company from the ground up.  As Executive Direct he is responsible for setting strategic direction, overseeing technology projects and providing sales support to the national sales team.  His focus on compliance, technology and customer service grew appraisal revenue to over $50 million dollars within five years.  In 2013, Accurate Group acquired Preferred Appraisal the company responsible for developing the ValueNet suite of products used by 20 of the top 25 home equity lenders in the industry.  Frank is a member of REVAA and the Collateral Risk Network.